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Hey, I'm Amy Marie!

I'm also known as the "The Activated ADHD Mama" on social media.

I'm an expert in all things home management + motherhood + ADHD.

I help moms with ADHD (like me!) manage their home and family life so they can stop feeling like a failure.

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My Story

I was woefully unprepared for how challenging motherhood would be for my ADHD.

I was diagnosed as a child and medicated most of my life but I didn't truly understand the extent of my challenges or how to design a life that works for my unique brain.

My coping strategies and masking got me through for a long time until I hit a massive wall after having my third child.

The mental load of caring for my home and three kids was more than I could handle and I was overwhelmed and overstimulated on a daily basis.

Getting through dinner and bedtime felt nearly impossible.

I didn't have the energy to stay on top of the daily things and just wanted to hide in my room to avoid the clutter, chaos and the noise.

My house felt chaotic and I was volatile, cranky, and had so much shame about what life looked inside the four walls of my home.

It wasn't one big time but more like 1,000 little easy things plus the noise of raising three loud, busy kids.

I couldn't figure out how to get the self care that I badly needed while drowning under my current boring responsibilities.

I needed a new way to do life because everything that I'd tried really, really wasn't working.

I read everything about ADHD that I could get my hands on and then applied those principals systematically to how I structure my days and manage my home life.

My life now looks completely different.

I feel on top of the basic home management tasks but even more importantly, I've designed a life where the pieces fit and I'm able to get the self care and stimulation that I need on a regular basis.

And most importantly, I've truly embraced this beautiful, unconventional life, brain and family that I've been given and stopped comparing myself to neurotypical moms raising neurotypical kids.

I've learned how to regulate my emotions so that I can help my kids regulate theirs and am modeling for them what it looks like to thrive with ADHD.

It turns out that learning to manage my home and family required learning how to manage my ADHD around the big needs of my neurodivergent family.

And what I thought was thriving for all those years was really a lot of trying to fit in with neurotypical systems and expectations that never quite worked for me.

The systems that I've implemented are very counterintuitive to many but have been life changing for me and the women inside the Master the Mundane community. 

I Need This Information!

Community is a powerful thing.

I started Master the Mundane in May of 2021 and have helped over 100 women find their rhythm in managing their home and family.

Nope, I'm not telling you they've reached Martha Stewart level perfection... that's not the goal here.

But here's what IS happening:

  • Ending the over committing and chaotic pace of life.
  • Learning to communicate their needs to their husbands.
  • Feeling on top of the meals for the first time ever.
  • Making massive progress with the clutter.
  • Finally getting consistent with self care and exercise.
  • Learning to manage their emotions.
  • Having the courage to invite people over. 
  • Reaching and exceeding business goals.

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