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The Master the Mundane E-Book  will give you the clarity and guidance that you need to create a simple and strategic system for managing your home as a mom with ADHD. Plus, I'm giving you access to all of the visuals tools that have help me and my family thrive.


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Does this sound familiar?

You struggle sticking with any kind of system!

But your brain also needs routine and you waste so much energy re-inventing the wheel.

You tend to overcomplicate things and love coming up with the plan but run out of steam when it comes to actually implementing anything.

The mess and clutter are overwhelming and overstimulating leaving you tapped out and short tempered.

You know what you SHOULD do but struggle actually doing it or sticking to any kind of system for more than a few days.

Does this Sound Like You?

You feel like you've tried everything

  • You have read the books, listened to the podcasts and bought the planners but nothing seems to work for you and your family.
  • You are trying so hard and yet it feels like you have nothing to show for it.
  • Your energy level is inconsistent which makes it hard to stick to anything for long and leaves you constantly playing catch up.
  • You are great at making to do lists but you struggle taking action because you¬†don't know where to start.
  • You are trying so hard to create a beautiful home and family culture but feel like you are doing this whole mom thing wrong.¬†
What if you have a clear plan for how to manage your home life?
That You Could Realistically Stick to for the Long Haul

Create realistic expectations 

Have a clear plan for using your time and energy based on the executive function challenges of your ADHD brain.

Get clear about your current capacity

Reduce the ongoing chaos so that you can stop over-committing and over-scheduling.

Reduce Decision Fatigue 

Pre-decide things for your life now so that you have more mental and physical energy on an ongoing basis. 


Thank you so much for this template!

This is GENIUS and makes me look forward to these things way more than my usual "dread" feeling because I'm so worried that I'm missing something or "not doing enough" or "can't do it all fast enough" feelings.


I'm loving these templates!

Your daily planner helps me create the space to bring my to do list to life. The daily 3 have to happen every day, but giving myself permission to add or subtract other things based on how I'm feeling any given day has been a game changer.


I've included everything you need to create a personalized home management system.

That works for you and your unique family.

MTM E-Book

You'll get an overview of how to design a life that works for your ADHD brain with specific guidance on creating realistic goals.

  • Canva tutorial video
  • Links to Canva templates so that you can customize all of my tools for your personal use.
  • Practical tips and guidance included throughout¬†the templates.
Home Management Templates

Home management templates that will help you make decisions once and for all. These visual tools will help you automate your life and free up so much mental energy.

  • Family Weekly Flow
  • Daily Habit Checklist
  • Daily Rhythm Checklist
  • Daily Planner Sheet
  • Personalized Planner
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Yearly Planner
Tools for Automation

You know those little decisions that you make on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis? Let's do that ONCE and be done with it. These tools will lighten the mental load big time.

  • Meal Planner
  • Household Inventory
  • Medical Info
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Packing List
Emotional Management

Do you get easily derailed by the big emotions of your kids? I totally get it! These tools will help you create a plan for managing the big emotions and language to teach them about emotional regulation.

  • Emotional Regulation Visuals
  • Prayer Cards
  • Emotional Regulation Cards
Tools for Your Kids

Raising neurodivergent kids can feel overwhelming. There's no easy tool that will address every issue. These tools will help you find what works best for your family. You get full access to tweak them over time.

  • Routine Cards
  • Screen Time Contract
  • DIY Habit Tracker Board
  • Checklists

You'll also get access to these bonuses..


Automation Guide

Get my step by step guide to help you start creating automation in every area of your life to free up mental energy.


Time Blocking  Guide

Get my time blocking checklist and detailed tips for implementing time blocking as a mom with ADHD. 


Energy Profile

Get my energy profile worksheet to help you create a plan for incorporating energizing and stimulating activities in to your life on a daily basis.


I spent years trying to figure out how to manage my home life as a mom with ADHD

And the thing that I learned is that I had to first learn how to manage my ADHD.

Which is what is so different about this system.

I'll show you how to prioritize self care and to help you gain clarity in how you think about the demands of your life.

For a limited time, you can get instant access to everything for only $27!


Ready to create a personalized system that you actually want to stick to?

  • Master the Mundane E-Book¬†
  • Canva Tutorial Videos
  • ¬†Time Blocking¬†Guide
  • Daily Habit Checklist¬†
  • Daily Rhythm Checklist¬†
  • Time Blocking Planner¬†
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Family Weekly Flow
  • Daily Planner¬†
  • Weekly Planner
  • Mompreneur Planner
  • Big Picture Yearly Plan
  • 2024 Calendar Template
  • Thriving Chart Template¬†
  • Screen Time Contract
  • DIY Habit Tracker Board
  • Routine Cards
  • Prayer Cards
  • Meal Planner
  • Household Inventory
  • Medical Info¬†
  • Packing List
  • Family Weekly Duties
  • Cleaning Checklist



I'm Amy!

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but motherhood has by far been the hardest season of life thus far.

My husband, myself and my three kids are all ADHD and it took me years to figure out how to meet the big needs of our neurodivergent family AND care for our home and family life.

I spent several years creating documents and planners and checklists to help me and my family.

After more iterations than I can count, I found a simple system that makes sense to my brain AND that I've been able to use consistently for years.

I'm sharing not just the templates but also the life changing insights that I've learned along the way.


Is this System for you?

  • You struggle knowing how to spend your time and energy on a daily basis.
  • You like visual tools and checklists but they need to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • You know you need routines and systems but you need guidance on where to start.
  • You do better with paper systems because if you pick up your phone, you will get side tracked.
  • You¬†need a curated set of resources to avoid decision paralysis.
  • You love Canva and like putting your own spin on things.
  • You'd prefer to use an online service or app to track your life.
  • You have a clear sense of how to best use your time and energy.
  • You are able to keep your home and family tidy and organized on a consistent basis on your own.
  • You want to keep wasting on money on planners you never actually use.
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