How to Manage Your Home In a Way that Works for Your Brain, So You Can Stop Feeling Like a Failure

In this FREE training for moms with ADHD, you'll learn:

1. How I went from overwhelmed and overstimulated to confidently feeling on top of managing my home.

2. The 3 revelations about ADHD + motherhood that transformed my life.

3. The 3 reasons most moms with ADHD struggle to stick to systems and what actually works.

Hey there!

I'm Amy Marie. ADHD has pretty much touched every area of my life. I was diagnosed as a child but hit a major wall after having my third child.

My brain just really hates boring things and so much of managing a home and raising three kids is just really boring and mundane.

And I felt so much guilt and shame saying that out loud.

But once I did, everything changed and I realized that managing my home was intimately associated with how I manage my ADHD.

In this free masterclass, I'm sharing the life changing insights that enabled me to find my confidence and rhythm in how I manage my home, my time, and my energy as a mom with ADHD raising three ADHD kids.

This is For You If:

You are a mom with ADHD and struggle managing boring home tasks like laundry, clutter, meal planning, scheduling and cleaning.

You've tried every system out there and nothing sticks for more than 4-5 days.

You tend to procrastinate and then get overwhelmed when things pile up which creates a vicious cycle of feeling like you will never catch up.

Your kids have big needs that take up a lot of your time and emotional energy.

You aren't trying to achieve Martha Stewart like perfection, but the clutter and chaos increases your anxiety and you want a calm and peaceful home.

You have big dreams for your life and so many ideas but managing your home and family zaps your time and confidence.

You often wonder if you are doing this whole mom thing wrong because it seems so much easier for others.

More than anything, you want to lead by example and show your kids how to thrive with ADHD which unfortunately includes learning to make yourself do boring things.

You love your family more than anything in this world and really want to feel like a great mom.

There is Hope for You!

I've been exactly where you are and have gone from exhausted, overwhelmed and overstimulated to confident, organized and empowered. I'd love to share with you the revelations that helped me get there. 

You'll walk away from this brief training with a better understanding of how your ADHD brain impacts your daily life and feel seen and understood.

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