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After six years in the social selling industry, my "for such as time as this" moment has arrived. 

You see, I love this industry, but for the last several years, I've felt stagnant. I've been working incredibly hard and not seeing the duplication and exponential growth that I know is possible.

It wasn't me. It wasn't my team. It wasn't even the amazing products. It was the systems.

What worked ten years ago is no longer working and the systems that worked so well for my uplines were failing me and my team.

I learned all of the things about branding, building a following, and SERVING. But you see, it wasn't translating to my downline which meant no passive growth.

Yes, I was recruiting and getting new customers but that meant that I was ALWAYS HUSTLING. My income was only growing when I was WORKING.

I even enrolled a team member from the hospital after giving birth to my baby girl. Some might find that work ethic amazing but I look back and find it foolish. I can't get those moments with my baby back.

My desire has always been to work smarter, not harder and create a legacy for my family while not missing TODAY. My vision for my life and for my family is so clear that I can taste it but my business just wasn't getting me there.

When I first heard about this new opportunity, I said NO. I'm a long haul, hard working kind of girl. I've seen many companies come and go and wasn't looking for the next "new" thing.

Thankfully, a dear friend shared the STRATEGY and SYSTEM behind this and encouraged me to take a look and pray about joining this business.

I quickly realized this opportunity was everything that I'd been praying for and MORE. 

1. The opportunity to join a company in beta-launch and build a massive organization from the ground floor.

2. A duplicatable system that requires LESS time and is more customer focused.

3. Beautiful, transformative, consumable products.

4. Mentorship from some of the smartest, wisest leaders in Network Marketing.

5. A beautiful community of  kingdom entrepreneurs that put FAITH and FAMILY first and care deeply about how we treat others.

I've never been happier!

My business is growing faster than ever before and the stress and hustle has been replaced with peace and joy. This business is fun again AND I'm actually getting people I don't know ASKING me for more information on a daily basis. I'm happier, more confident and ready to step in to my fullest potential.

What makes this movement so special?

Succesful Track Record

9 year track record, grew to $5 million company through online sales, and 72% customer reorder rate.

Proven System

We are using the BEST strategy in network marketing that is leading to massive growth in 2020. We've tweaked and improved a system leading to $5 million per month volume.

Ground Floor

This company JUST launched in October 2020 and are still very ground floor The goal is to be a $1 billion brand in the next 3-5 years.

Attraction Marketing

Spammy tactics feel icky and don't work! We are teaching a new way. It's much easier to duplicate and is WAY more fun!

Everyone Wins!

The compensation plan is absolutely beautiful. It's more generous than ANYTHING I've seen. It rewards the right behaviors and sets everyone up for stable business growth over time. 

Exceptional Products

Consumable products that do what they say they are going to do and add real value to people's daily lives. They are safe, completely CLEAN, and effective.

Training Resources

We've created an unprecedented training platform. It's at least $3,000 in extra courses available RIGHT away! All the tools you need to learn at your pace are there for you.

Likeminded Community

I've partnered with a group of Christian entrepreneurs in a beautiful movement called The Hive. Our #1 goal is to help others fulfill God's plan for their lives.

Step in to God's fullest vision for your life!

If you want to grow a business surrounded by SMART, HUMBLE, KIND, ENCOURAGING and GRACE-FILLED women, I encourage you to apply to learn more about our business movement.

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