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 After seven years in this industry, I'd reached my income goals, but I didn't have time freedom or passive growth.


I've seen many companies come and go and wasn't looking for the next "new" fad.


I wanted better systems so that I could build the business I know God has planned for me while still being a present mom.


I investigated many opportunities and fell in love with the strategy, systems and heart of the HIVE. 


This business movement was an answer to every one of my prayers.

Growth without the Grind!

My business is growing on auto-pilot through attraction marketing and innovative technology solutions.

I'm able to focus my work time on my particular zone of genius.

The constant hustle and grind has been replaced with strategies that enable me to be a more present wife and mom.

Instead of spamming my network, my energy is focused on LOVE and SERVICE which has been so energizing.

My downline is supported better than ever before while needing LESS of my time thanks to an exceptional training system.

I've found my rhythm and the right culture for me to thrive in business, life and motherhood.

What makes this movement so special?

Succesful Track Record

9 year track record, grew to $5 million company through online sales, and 72% customer reorder rate.

Proven System

We are using the BEST strategy in network marketing that is leading to massive growth in 2020. We've tweaked and improved a system leading to $5 million per month volume.

Ground Floor

This company JUST launched in October 2020 and are still very ground floor. The goal is to be a $1 billion brand in the next 3-5 years.

Attraction Marketing

Spammy tactics feel icky and don't work! We are teaching a new way. It's much easier to duplicate and is WAY more fun!

Everyone Wins!

The compensation plan is absolutely beautiful. It's more generous than ANYTHING I've seen. It rewards the right behaviors and sets everyone up for stable business growth over time. 

Exceptional Products

Consumable products that do what they say they are going to do and add real value to people's daily lives. They are safe, completely CLEAN, and effective.

Training Resources

We've created an unprecedented training platform. It's at least $3,000 in extra courses available RIGHT away! All the tools you need to learn at your pace are there for you.

Likeminded Community

I've partnered with a group of Christian entrepreneurs in a beautiful movement called The Hive. Our #1 goal is to help others fulfill God's plan for their lives.

Step in to God's fullest vision for your life!

If you want to grow a business surrounded by SMART, HUMBLE, KIND, ENCOURAGING and GRACE-FILLED women, I invite you to learn more about our business movement.

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If you want connection, truth, clarity and growth while growing your business, you should learn more about the Hive.

If you want to live a life of fullness, and own a business designed to be a blessing to all involved, then you should learn more about the Hive.

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