Life + Business Coaching for Moms with ADHD

We'll design personal, realistic systems and routines for managing your family and business to reduce your daily decision fatigue and feelings of overwhelm.

What you'll get:

  • Five one on one Zoom Sessions with Amy Marie Hann to be scheduled individually. Session topics to include, Time Blocking, Realistic Daily, Weekly + Monthly Routines, Simplifying, Boundaries, Marketing, Business Strategy, Tech Support, Social Media and Automation. Specific scope will depend on the goals and needs of each client.     
  • Video and audio recording of every session to reference in the future.         
  • Ongoing email support as you apply the systems and habits to your life.        
  • Personalized visual tools, checklists and planner created for you that you can print from home or send to your local printer. Custom tools created as needed.     
  • Schedule your sessions as best suits you so that you can get the most from this coaching program. It's recommended that they be conducted every 2-4 weeks to maintain momentum and growth.
  • You'll also get 3 months access to the Master the Mundane community page.



$2,000.00 USD