Are You Longing for Income and Impact

While still prioritizing the needs of your family and mental health?

Do you have big goals for your life and family but need massive amounts of flexibility in how and when you work?

The flexibility and income potential of Social Selling has been a great fit for me and my family.

I have complete control of when and how much I work and a steady, growing residual income stream.

I have the freedom of a solopreneur with the added benefit of the collaboration and accountability of an amazing group of peers.

I've been able to design a lifestyle where I get the rest and self care that I need AND the challenge and stimulation my brain craves.

Working With Me

A few core beliefs that set me apart.

Work is Good, Hustle is Bad!

I believe that using your gifts to serve and help others is a delight. I also believe that constant striving and pushing for promotions or goals can be disastrous for our long term mental health. I teach entrepreneurs how to build a business in 1-2 hours a day of disciplined effort without the 24/7 HUSTLE.

No Icky Sales Tactics

Selling to your friends and family is exhausting. Compromising your relationships is not good for you or your business long term. You won't be desperately trying to recruit everyone with a pulse or alienating your support network. I promise! :)

Systems + Strategy Matter

I'm literally obsessed with automation and have created a one a kind training system and funnel that easily duplicates that you can start using RIGHT AWAY. Whether you are brand new to this industry OR a seasoned social seller, you will be blown away.

Finding the Right Partner

There are many great companies in this industry but I only work with high quality, consumable products made from reputable companies with a solid track record of success.

Quality consumable products mean passive residual income as customers reorder which is the real beauty of this industry.

Just like all industries, many new companies fail and the next "new thing" is not only the best business move for the long term.

That said, timing does matter if your vision is BIG. Joining a company pre-momentum enables you to ride the wave of explosive growth once it comes.

If you have a vision to build a massive organization in this industry, joining pre-momentum is critical.

After 8 years in this industry, I recently partnered with a beautiful pre-momentum opportunity for my next season of personal and professional growth.

What Sets This Opportunity Apart?

Finding Time Freedom

I grew my first social selling business through LOTS of cold messages and though I was "successful" it was extremely draining.

My growing family needed MORE of me and I knew deep in my bones that there was another way to build a business in this industry.

I have partnered with an amazing community of likeminded visionaries to bring this vision to life.

Together, we've perfected this love and service based business strategy and are teaching entrepreneurs how to build massive organizations from a place of REST.

"After ten years of hustle, this opportunity and culture has been such a breath of fresh air. It's a gift to have the accountability and support of this community to help me keep my life in balance. I learned so much building my first business and this is my chance to create a system and culture that truly reflects God's design for my business. This about so much more than me and "my team" and it's truly a collaboration at every level."

Heid B.
Million Dollar Earner in Previous Company

"I was burned out before this opportunity came along. I was familiar with network marketing and was truly searching for a company and culture I could stand behind. What is available to us in training and from leadership is remarkable. I can't help but share this beautiful opportunity with others. "

Rebecca R.
Homeschool Mom

"The authentic approach to sales and marketing had me excited about this opportunity from day one! Restoring the industry that I love starts here with the Hive. If you want to learn how to do attraction marketing, this is the place for you!"

Lauren C.
Network Marketing Coach + Strategist

"I've been in Network marketing for 4 years and transitioning to Hive has been the greatest blessing. I love growing a business that is focused on loving the individual and providing solutions for them. Leading with love has replaced pushy, aggressive sales tactics. It's more effective and so much more rewarding."

Allie D.
Physical Therapist + Mom of 4

"I have a successful career that I LOVE but was also always drawn to building something of my own. What I didn’t realize was that in the process of building, I would be surrounded by a beautiful community of women who, inspire, love on and encourage everyone to be their authentic self. This so much more than just an extra income stream."

Anjum H.
Public Health Executive

Does this Sound Like You?

If so, you will love the Hive!

Our one of a kind business movement is starting at the ground floor, restoring the social selling industry and pioneering a new way. 

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