It's my great privilege to introduce you to MIG Living, a beautiful new brand in social selling founded by Jaime Cross (pictured on the left).

This TRUE BEAUTY movement is on a mission to restore the social selling industry and empower entrepreneurs to step in to their full potential.

Restoring the Industry

This movement starts with our amazing CEO, Jaime Cross. She's the real deal. This company is about so much more than just selling products and making money. We're a movement of women committed to living out our unique purpose and becoming fully alive.


Get to Know Jaime

Jaime founded MIG Living in 2010 and grew it to a $5 million online business using innovative marketing practices. She's a marketing genius and passionate about automation AND authenticity.

MIG Living remains debt free because Jaime continued to invest her profit year after year pursuing the vision she's been given for a billion dollar clean living brand.

MIG Living is not a side project for her. This is her legacy and she's poured her life in to this beautiful company and vision.

Jaime is a mom of five young boys. She knows firsthand the challenges of every mompreneur and leads by example in keeping her family first.

Her commitment to excellence in the formulations is unprecedented. MIG Living products are as pure and clean as possible. This is truly seed to skin and MIG is the only TRULY CLEAN company in network marketing.

There are no shortcuts and everything is made by hand in small batches and curated for months.

She's committed to innovation in everything and actively creating tools and automation for the entire field to use. 

Jaime was recently named "Entrepreneur of the Year" at the coveted American Business Awards and awarded a Gold Stevie. MIG Living was also named Company of the Year in the “Consumer Products - Non-Durables – Small” category.

What Makes This So Special?

Solid Company Background

10 year track record in online sales with a 72% customer reorder rate. They've worked through the kinks and are ready to massively scale over the next decade.

Proven System

We are using a unique strategy in network marketing that is leading to massive growth. It's plug and play and easily duplicates.


JUST launched in to social selling in October 2020 and anticipate hitting momentum in the next 2-3 years. Did $10 million in sales in 2020 alone.

Attraction Marketing

Spammy tactics feel icky and don't work! We are teaching a new way. It's much easier to duplicate and is WAY more fun.

Everyone Wins!

The compensation plan is more generous than ANYTHING in the industry. It's highly profitable while also being sustainable and achievable.

Exceptional Products

Consumable products that do what they say they are going to do and add real value to people's daily lives. The only TRULY clean products in social selling.

Training Resources

We've created an unprecedented training platform. It's at least $3,000 in extra courses available RIGHT away! All the tools you and your future team need to thrive in business.

Faith-based Culture

The culture at MIG is one a kind. We prioritize family, rest, health, peace and boundaries and want you to live a beautiful, full and impactful life. 


Oh, How I Love This Comp Plan!

Truly, this compensation plan is insanely generous. Jaime wants to empower families to thrive and is committed to giving 80% of the revenue back to the field. THAT IS UNHEARD OF IN THIS INDUSTRY. At every level, ambassadors win and are rewarded for putting others first. If residual passive income is your goal, you will love this plan!

This comparison is based on the exact same size of business across different compensation plans. This is how a MONTHLY MIG paycheck would compare to other companies in this industry! And this doesn't even include our bonus program. This opportunity is truly SET APART.

It's designed to be achievable, profitable, and sustainable. Jaime truly wants many ambassadors to WIN financially.

Comp Plan Highlights

Culture Matters

The opportunity here is undeniable but the heart and culture is truly the BEST part. We believe that if in ten years, you have an amazing profitable business but your motherhood, your marriage, your friendships and your health suffered... that is not success! This is a truly a place where we want you to PROSPER financially, physically, spiritually and relationally. 

What is the Hive?

As an entrepreneur passionate about TIME FREEDOM, collaboration  and systems are key. 

I've locked arms with a business movement called the HIVE. Together, we've created a one of a kind system that enables us all to grow on auto-pilot.

Having built 6 and 7 figure incomes in the network marketing space, we know what it takes to build profitable businesses.

We've done the mass texting, the cold reach-outs, the spammy texts... we are pioneering a NEW WAY based on love and service.

We are faith-driven and full of heart but also incredibly wise and savvy business women.

We believe that we are each uniquely designed and gifted and that no two businesses are alike. We don't do cookie cutter or cut and paste!

We take personal and professional growth seriously and ruthlessly eliminate the non-essential.

We are outside of the box thinkers and multi-dimensional. We are course creators, influencers, creatives, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs. We are all about multiple income streams and helping our tribe pursue ALL of their gifts, passions, and interests.

We are a community where you are accepted right where you are and empowered to grow on your own unique timeline.

We are honest, authentic, creative, intentional and hard working. We work consistently and intentionally from a place of peace and rest.

We believe that we are better together and when we are each empowered to bring our unique gifts, everyone wins!

We are a community that is for YOU whether you partner with us or not.

The Heart + Vision of the HIVE


Training & Support

We've created a unique system to support and empower everyone in the Hive. Better systems mean more time freedom for us all.

Curious About the Products?

There is a reason that this product line has developed such a cult following! They are PURE and PREMIUM and the only TRULY clean product line in social selling. 

The MIG product line is really a health-based line of beauty products and naturopathic supplements designed to help your body thrive. The products are all made in small batches with the highest quality medicinal herbs and essential oils.

The MIG Methods

Growth without the Grind

Whether you are a seasoned Social Seller looking for a bigger opportunity and a new challenge or completely new to this field, there is a place for you at the HIVE.

We’re pioneering a completely new way of doing business and I promise that it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. It is so refreshingly different!

I partnered with MIG because after 7 years in this industry, I was successful but was ready for MORE. I wanted a bigger opportunity and to use the latest strategies and automation to better leverage my time.

I wanted to reach my full potential as an entrepreneur and leader and knew that I needed new leadership, strategies and tools for my next season of professional growth.

Partnering with MIG has exceeded my wildest expectations and we are truly JUST getting started.

My business is truly growing on auto-pilot and I wake up to notifications that people I don’t know have purchased products from my website without ever talking to me.

I have more peace, more joy and have found a pace of life and business that works for me and my family.

Is This for You?

What we are doing isn't for everyone! If you identify with these statements, you should definitely take the next step to learn more.

Take the Next Step

The next step in the discovery process is for us to connect over phone or text to learn more. Use the link below to find a time that works for you.


Let's Connect!

The next step is to connect over phone or text. I'll give you a high level overview and answer your initial questions about MIG Living and the Hive.