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Tips for Showing Up on Video!

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2020

If you are like me and growing a business, it can feel so overwhelming to show up on live video. Here are my tips for making video a consistent part of your business growth strategy!

1. Take a shower! I know it sounds so basic but as a work from home mom, it can be so easy to stay in pajamas or yoga pants all day. Taking the time each day to get ready and put on real clothes makes me feel like I'm showing up for my day and my business. When I feel put together, I'm more likely to press play. I also recommend going LIVE or recording right after you get ready. Your energy will be at its highest. Though LIVE videos always get great interaction, recorded videos are better than no video! Do what works for you.

2. Start with stories! Story videos are short and they go away after 24 hours. Start showing up on video each day for 1 minute. Talk about your day. Talk about something you learned. Share a tip. Just start showing up and see what your audience resonates with the most. You'll get more comfortable over time. I recommend pretending like you are talking to your ideal customer. Will everyone find it interesting? No, but that's okay! Your goal is to FIND the people that are looking for you and that will find value in what you have to share.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others! Don't go to social media for inspiration. That's always a disaster and will lead you down the rabbit hole of comparison. Unfollow or mute any accounts that aren't good for you. If you are comparing yourself or trying to copy what is working for someone else, unfollow or mute! If you are feeling like you don't measure up in some way... say those thoughts out loud and let someone that really gets you to speak words of encouragement.

4. Remember you are an inspiration to someone! There is no one just like you. Most people in this world are too scared to show up on video. You showing up will inspire someone else to step in to their greatness.

5. Your business matters. Your vision for your life matters. Someone needs to hear what you have to say and your kids need to see you showing up, putting yourself out there and doing the next scary thing. You are teaching them what it looks like to live courageously and work hard.

I'm cheering you on and believe in you!




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