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The FIVE things you need to know about SOCIAL SELLING and ADHD.

social selling Dec 20, 2020

Those with ADHD are 6x more likely to start our own business!  We dream big and think outside the box. We also aren’t great being told what to do so being self employed is a great fit. 

Social selling is a great low risk entry point in to entrepreneurship. You can learn sales skills, social media, and mindset in a very hands on way. And for those of us Stay At Home Moms, it's such a great way to build an income stream in a flexible way. I 100% believe that having an outlet for growth is essential to thriving in ADHD motherhood. It's so much more than just making an income. More on that here!

Social Selling can be a great fit for us ADHDers but here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. What works for neurotypicals might not work for you! Don’t let anyone tell you that you HAVE to build your business a certain way. Trust your gut and your creative ideas! There are so many ways to grow a business and forcing yourself to do something that’s boring for you is a recipe for disaster. Find people who think outside of the box and encourage you to work with YOUR strengths. If you LOVE video and creating on Tik Tok fills you with dopamine for days, GO ALL IN with that strategy. Wherever you come alive is always going to be the winning strategy. You will probably see the big picture strategy before some others because of your Creative Genius and that's okay.

2. ADHDers can have a really hard time with rejection. This is REAL and the biggest impediment to success. You can learn to deal with rejection in a healthy way. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful! You can also find strategies that don't require cold calling or cold messaging. Those strategies have worked for others but if you have an intensive case of Rejective Sensitive Dysphoria, I don't recommend building a business that way. Find a mentor that understands RSD and will help you push through your mindset challenges.

3.  Don’t expect one business to meet all of your creative needs. Instead, find people who spark your creativity and aren’t afraid of ALL of your amazing ideas. Creativity always leads to more creativity!  The beauty of social selling is that my residual income stream keeps growing even when I'm focused on something else. The more I've grown as a leader and entrepreneur, the more I've been inspired to branch out my business in new directions. That's the nature of my ADHD Creative Genius and not something that I see changing anytime soon! 

Time freedom and flexibility comes with a consumable product, a long term solid business strategy, and smart systems. Technology and automation are essential here and will enable your social selling business to keep growing if you have shifted your focus on to a new opportunity. A company that gets automation and implements it on your behalf is icing on the cake.

4. Part of our grandiose thinking means we often are slow to move on when the time comes. We see what’s possible and just can’t let go even when the writing is on the wall. Knowing this about ourselves is crucial. If your business or income has been stagnant for a year or more despite your continued and persistent effort, it’s time to pursue other options and to take a realistic look at your business. 

5. There’s not one right company for all people.  Just because you tried one company doesn’t mean that this industry isn’t for you. There are many different strategies for growing a social selling business and it's important to partner with a brand and a team culture that will empower you to build in the way that works for you. Collaboration, systems, training, culture, compensation and the product are all incredibly important to consider.

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