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Developing an Effective Email Strategy to Grow Your Business

business Sep 25, 2020

As an Entrepreneur with ADHD, I LOVE email. Well, actually, I personally hate emails. Ha! My inbox is an absolute disaster. #sorrynotsorry

But, I do having an email strategy in place. I lead a full and busy life and want the energy I spend in "work mode" to be spent on the creative things that give me JOY and on loving and helping others. I'm HAPPY to outsource follow up. And that's what email enables me to do.

Are you a little confused about what kind of emails you should be sending out and why? I was! I kept reading posts and seeing ads telling me that I needed an email list. I was sending newsletters out on the regular but I felt like I was missing something. I was getting communication out but it didn't seem to resonate with people and wasn't getting me sales. I began experimenting and trying new things and here's what I learned.
1. Personal and Authentic is Magic. Pictures of my family, real life updates and stuff like that was WAY more effective then a newsletter filled with links and jargon.
2. You have to ask "What's in it for them?" I started sending recipes and fun random things that I'd send a girlfriend just for fun. The more I served my email list, the more they wanted to open my emails. Think about WHO you are talking to and what would add value to THEIR life.
3. People LIKED getting my emails and were reading them. They responded and told me so! Even if they weren't ready to buy YET, I effectively nurtured future customers in a way THEY liked. I could also identify who was clicking on links and see what content people liked getting from me.
4. Very, very few people are running network marketing businesses this way. I set myself apart BIG time by building a relational, authentic, consistent email strategy.
I've been at this for several years and I've moved all of my emails over to Flodesk. I like it that much. The design is super high end and BEAUTIFUL. My emails are 1,000 prettier than they were before which again just elevates my brand even further. I like that there's not lots of noise. You can play with for one month for free. Here's what you need to do once you create your account.
Here's what I recommend to get started:
1. Load your branding colors in to Flodesk! You can can then customize ALL of your future emails to be consistent with your brand. If you don't have brand colors, pick ONE! Just one color to start and use it consistently on social media.
2. Load all of your email contacts in to Flodesk.
3. Start sending a weekly email where you are delivering value to your audience. Pick one day of the week and put it on your calendar to send out content.
4. One super easy strategy is to send a link to your FB live from that week! You can load the video to youtube and load the link right in to your Flodesk email. Email is a great way to reach those not on social media and insure that you are reaching your target audience. Try new things and see what resonates.

5. Once you are consistent, develop a form with a freebie offer and nurture sequence. Once you master this, you will be able to nurture relationships with ZERO effort. If someone see a post and then fills out the form in your Instagram profile or on a Pinterest post, they will get the email sequence sent to them automatically. Pretty dang cool, huh?

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I can't wait to hear how you use Flodesk to grow your business and increase your confidence.




I've put together a helpful guide that's a succinct overview of what I wish someone had told me early on as a mom with ADHD. I'd love to send it to you and hope that helps you!