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4 Tools Helping My ADHD

mom life Jan 05, 2021

Thriving with ADHD in Motherhood is definitely a journey. Many things that work for others to manage their business, household and finances, just don't work for me. Learning that and giving myself permission to find what works for ME has been so helpful.

Shame is a major issue for many of us with ADHD because for many years and in many situations, we've tried to fit in with the norm. But we were never meant to fit in! We are meant to think and do things differently and to be trailblazers and pioneers. We are the dreamers, the doers, the CREATIVE GENIUSES!

Here are a few tools that are helping me in thrive in life.

1. The Chime Card. I'm legit obsessed with this. I really struggle with managing money. I've made so many budgets over the years and tried so many softwares but this is the first tool that really has helped me reign in my habits and give me confidence. We still use YNAB for tracking our overall spending for our family, but my husband loads a specified amount on here each month for me to use for our discretionary expenses. Groceries, homeschool expenses, clothes, beauty supplies... it all comes from my chime account.

It works a lot like cash with the added benefit of a text notification each time I had an expense. I get an alert with my bonus every single time I buy anything. It's so helpful! 

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2. I'm loving the Tiimo App. Yep, there's a $5 fee but I highly recommend it. I am a highly productive person but it's the small daily tasks that get so cumbersome and boring. So much of mom life is the small tasks of getting out of bed on time, going on a walk, unloading the dishwasher, yada, yada, yada. I use Tiimo to track those daily rhythms and it gives me satisfaction to check off every box as I get things done. It's the first app that I've really loved. I love the simple and clean design and the notifications.

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3. Brain Activation has really helped me with impulse control and managing my cravings for sugar and alcohol. Really, cutting back on alcohol has been life changing but I could never seem to manage without the dopamine boost of a high quality nootropic. I've always been super skeptical of supplements and of "natural cures for ADHD," but my ADHD has gotten much worse with 3 kids, covid, and perimenopause. Alcohol and sugar wasn't helping and was increasing my stress, anxiety and shame. It also hindered my sleep and my creativity. I don't plan to stop my stimulant anytime soon but for me brain activation has been a MUST have addition to my morning routine.

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4. Faith is an incredibly important part of my life but it's also been a source of shame. Sitting still is hard for me. Memorizing scripture seems almost impossible. I love God and spending time reading the bible is incredibly important to me but for the last several years I've felt kind of stagnant.

On a total whim (okay, an ADHD impulse buy!) I ordered a She Reads Truth paper bible study a few months ago and just really loved it. I like the simple design and the clean pages. There are beautiful pictures which feed my soul and minimal distraction. It's just the bible and for some reason it just really works for my brain. 

I'm a BIG fan of automation. I want to lead a simple life and to eliminate as many decisions as possible. The more things that happen on auto-pilot, the more time and energy I have to give to my marriage, my kids, my business and my community. I love that the She Reads Truth studies come every month and knowing that there is a little grace built in for me to stay on task and follow through for the study for that month. I'll for sure skip some days and maybe even some weeks here and there but feel like it's removing some obstacles to me growing in faith.

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Let me know if these are helpful for you! 





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