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A step by step guide of what to do if you think you may have ADHD.

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In this e-book you will learn:


  • How to identify a trained ADHD medical professional and schedule an appointment.
  • Initial testing criteria.
  • Helpful background information on ADHD.
  • The many positives of ADHD and why to pursue a diagnosis.
  • Curated list of ADHD resources, coaches, and books geared towards moms with ADHD.
  • How to reframe ADHD as a positive trait.
  • Exactly how to begin your personal growth journey around your mental health!

It's time to come alive!

The world needs your unique Creative Genius! Are you ready to start living out of your strengths and unique ADHD Super Powers?

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You don't have to figure this out alone!

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. My husband was diagnosed at 48. And I've been through the journey with two of my sons.

I talk with women every day that feel like they are failing in life, in motherhood, in every area. They suspect that they might have ADHD but taking the steps towards change feels next to impossible. The fear, the shame, the guilt... Sound familiar?

But what if there is a reason behind your struggles?

What if your expectations of yourself are unrealistic?

What if the messages you've heard all of your life about your personality, our intensity, your volume, your energy.... what if it all had an explanation?

What if you aren't a hot mess but instead you are actually a CREATIVE GENIUS but you just never knew it!

I'm not here to diagnose you, but I am here to help you get the answers that you deserve. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to thrive because the world needs your unique contribution. 

I'd be honored to be your guide as you start this journey. 


Amy Marie

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