Herbal Brain Supplement

I recently added this high quality brain supplement to my daily routine. It's given me SO much more energy, focus, and overall improved my mood. I seriously can't believe that a medicinal herb could make such a huge difference. I wish I'd known about it sooner!

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Total Body Goodness

In addition to the brain supplement, I take a super high quality collagen powder AND a total body detox. The collagen is the purest of the pure and helps with skin, nails, hair, AND joints. I LOVE going on long walks but have terribly feet so that's a MUST have. 

The detox rids my body of fat soluble toxins on an ongoing basis. It cleans all my major organs and my blood stream as well so that it's all working well.

For me, the three of these together have been a must have combo!

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Self Care Ritual

I have three kids and very little time to myself. I've also been trying to transition to a more minimal way of doing life. I want fewer products. I want them to be clean. I want a self care routine that feels restorative and helps me show up better for life. That's what this body ritual is all about. Each shower feels like you've had a full on spa day. I'm not exaggerating! It's so yummy.


Full Body Spa Experience

Impactful Books

There are so many wonderful books that have helped me along the way! Here are a few that I definitely recommend that really STUCK with me and played a profound role in my personal growth.

Driven to Distraction A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD The Gifts of Imperfection Body Love The Alcohol Experiment

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