The MIG Living Business Opportunity

Meet Jaime Cross, CEO of MIG Living

It's my great privilege to introduce you to the beautiful heart and vision of Jaime Cross (pictured on right). Jaime has created a one of a kind social selling opportunity through her company MIG Living and I'm absolutely thrilled to help her launch this beautiful brand.

What Makes This So Special?

Solid Company Background

10 year track record in online sales with a 72% customer reorder rate. Solid company and business foundation ready to boom.

Proven System

We using a unique strategy in network marketing that is leading to massive growth in 2021. It's plug and play and easily duplicates.


JUST launched in to social selling in October 2020 and anticipate hitting momentum in the next 2-3 years. Did $10 million in sales in 2020 alone.

Attraction Marketing

Spammy tactics feel icky and don't work! We are teaching a new way. It's much easier to duplicate and is WAY more fun.

Everyone Wins!

The compensation plan is more generous than ANYTHING in the industry. It's highly profitable while also being sustainable and achievable.

Exceptional Products

Consumable products that do what they say they are going to do and add real value to people's daily lives. They are safe, completely CLEAN, and effective.

Training Resources

My team, the HIVE, has created an unprecedented training platform. It's at least $3,000 in extra courses available RIGHT away! All the tools you need to learn at your pace are there for you.

Likeminded Community

I've partnered with a group of faith-driven entrepreneurs in a beautiful movement called The Hive. Love is our business strategy.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is an exceptional time in Network Marketing companies where they experience monumental growth. Six and seven figure earners in almost every company joined PRE-MOMENTUM. No amount of grit or hustle can compete with this type of momentum. Once this growth occurs, it won't happen again. It's crucial that leaders have the right foundation, training and skills in place to capitalize on this massive company growth.

What Sets MIG Apart

Jaime is truly breaking all of the rules and created a one of a kind culture and compensation plan. It's incredibly generous and incredibly intentional.


Compensation Plan Highlights:

Extremely Generous!

Truly, this compensation plan is insanely generous. Jaime wants to empower families to thrive and is committed to giving 80% of the revenue back to the field. At every level, ambassadors win and are rewarded for putting others first. If residual passive income is your goal, you will love this plan! This image shows how a MIG paycheck compares to other companies based on the exact same size business organization.

Compensation Plans Matter

All compensation plans aren't created equal! Getting paid on Generations 1-8 is a HUGE deal and has an enormous impact on the long term financial opportunity of your business. Considering, we are pre-momentum and just getting started makes the opportunity even bigger.

Culture Matters

The opportunity here is undeniable but the heart and culture is truly the BEST part. We believe that if in ten years, you have an amazing profitable business but your motherhood, your marriage and your health suffered... that is not success! This is a truly a place where we want you to PROSPER financially, physically, spiritually and relationally. 

Mind-Blowing Training System

We've collaborated to create a one of a kind training program to fully equip our team to build a thriving business through love and service. New ambassadors get access to $3,000+ worth of courses right away.


What Others Are Saying

This is truly such a special community of purpose driven women building businesses.


Growth Without the Grind!

I am no stranger to Social Selling. I reached the top 1% of my first business through lots of hustle and hard work but there was always something missing.

I had a big vision for my business and was ready to partner with a ground floor opportunity. The heart, the strategy, and the systems behind MIG and the Hive have been an answer to prayer.

My business is growing on auto-pilot through attraction marketing and innovative technology solutions.

I'm able to focus my work time on my particular zone of genius.

The constant hustle and grind has been replaced with strategies that enable me to be a more present wife and mom.

Instead of spamming my network, my energy is focused on LOVE and SERVICE which has been so energizing.

My downline is supported better than ever before while needing LESS of my time thanks to an exceptional training system.

My organization and my paycheck are steadily growing though I'm working from a place of rest and peace. 

I've found my rhythm and the right culture for me to thrive in business, life and motherhood. 

Discover Your Greater Purpose

If you want to live a life of fullness, and own a business designed to be a blessing to all involved, then you should learn more about becoming a MIG Living Ambassador.

If you feel called to a larger impact and influence, you should learn more about becoming a MIG Living Ambassador.

If you want a bigger business, better systems and smarter strategies, you should learn more about becoming a MIG Living Ambassador.

If you want to implement automation and grow a social selling business on auto-pilot, then you should learn more about becoming a MIG Living Ambassador.

If you want to build a following and social media presence but don't know where to start, you should learn more about becoming a MIG Living Ambassador.



The next step is to connect over phone or text. I'll give you a high level overview and answer your initial questions about MIG Living and the Hive.