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Brain Activation

A proven, revolutionary brain health supplement backed by science and nature.


Mental Health Matters Big Time!

There's not one quick fix for managing mental health. I take a few prescriptions, avoid gluten and dairy, and exercise daily. And yet, I struggle big time with regulating my emotions AND impulse control. This herbal supplement has felt like the missing piece to managing my mental health and I truly can't say enough good things. The biggest game changer has been the ability to sit still and ENJOY my kids.

The Benefits of Brain Activation

Developed by a leading Naturopathic Doctor who has 20+ years in creating transformative herbal supplements.

Very high quality, potent blend of medicinal herbs backed by science and nature.

Can be used alongside other medicine without interference.

100% Plant-based, Gluten-Free and Vegan.

Increases Serotonin, Dopamine, Melatonin and Several other Mood Stabilizing Hormones

Increased Mental and Physical Energy so that your brain is working at it's maximum potential.

Increased Mental Presence and Focus

Increased Impulse Control

Regulates Emotions and Stabilizes the Brain Environment

Better Mood, Sleep and Memory 

Aids Weight Loss

Less Brain Fog 

Approved for Kids 

Approved for Pregnancy and Nursing

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

""I have struggled with impulsivity and focus all my life, after 4 days I’m able to stay on task and think clearer than I have in years!""

Heidi B.

"I've had ADHD for as long as I can remember but wasn't diagnosed until just this year. My husband begged me to do something to help me with my symptoms and I tried many things without results!! When I tried Brain Activation he didn't notice right away until I missed a few days of taking it... Now I make sure it's on my Subscribe n Save every month! Happy Momma! Happy Marriage!"

Sarah C.

What is MIG?

M.I.G. (Mighty in Good) is a clean living health and wellness brand that first launched in 2011. MIG grew to a $5 million brand through e-commerce and launched in to social selling in 2020. Our founding belief is that the body is designed to heal itself and that everything you put in and on your body should support that process.

All MIG products are pure, clean and premium. We believe in ongoing innovation and that nature has an abundance of amazing resources available to us. We also believe that TRUE BEAUTY starts on the inside and are committed to helping awaken that in our customers.

MIG is a mission driven brand and a portion of all profit goes directly to end human trafficking around the world.

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Purchase Options

You can purchase Brain Activation alone or as part of a bundle package. Our Fuel Method is designed to help your full body function at it's highest potential.

Brain Activation


S&S Price

Brain Activation (30 day supply)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Brain & Gut Health


S&S Price

Brain Activation

Total Body Detox which flushes all of the fat soluble toxins from your gut and entire system. You'll feel lighter, have more energy and clearer skin. The gut is the second brain so eliminating toxins will enable your neurotransmitters to function optimally.


The Fuel Method


S&S Price

You'll get a 30 Day Supply of all 3 MIG Herbal supplements.

Brain Activation 

Total Body Detox

Premium Collagen Beauty Elixir which supports nails, hair, skin, and joints. You'll feel and look younger.


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Our generous customer referral program allows Subscribe and Save Customers to earn free MIG cash each and every month. Two referrals and you get yours FREE. You can pause, delay or modify your order at anytime.

Detailed Explanation of Brain Activation

If you are a details person, watch this short video for more information on why this supplement is so transformative.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a doctor so if you have any concerns, please review the ingredient list with your child's physician. 

I am personally giving my 9 year old son one Brain Activation a day. The recommended daily dose is three pills per day. I started on two and then after a few weeks increased to three pills a day.

Brain Activation is a general supplement used to improve the overall function of the brain. Brain Activation is not a drug and I'm not a physician so I can't make any claims as to it's ability to treat or prevent ADHD or any other neurological disorder.

The symptoms associated with ADHD present very differently for each person and with appropriate methods, those with ADHD can lead very productive lives. For me personally, Brain Activation has incredibly effective in managing the emotional part of my ADHD symptoms. I do take stimulants to help with my focus and anxiety symptoms but stimulants don't address the emotional piece. This supplement has been incredibly effective in my emotional regulation.

For me personally, Brain Activation has been an important part of managing my overall mental health. 

If you have specific concerns about medicine interacting, please consult your physician.

Brain Activation is a blend of medicinal herbs designed to work synergistically. As a result, there is not an overwhelming amount of any one of the herbs which prevents there from being interferences.

I and many of my customers have found Brain Activation to be a helpful addition to our overall mental health routine.

I personally take all three of the MIG supplements (Brain Activation, Collagen and the Detox). They all help my overall mental health! 

-The Collagen has helped me to get back to regular long walks which are HUGE for my mental wellness. This collagen is the purest form on the market and will help not just your skin, hair and looks look amazing but will help YOUR BODY to feel amazing.

-The detox will clean your entire system. You will feel less sluggish and bloated. You will be more regular but you will also eliminate the toxins that are clogging up your system. Our gut is our second brain and impacts how we feel in a significant way.

For me, this combo has been huge.


What would more energy, focus, and presence mean to YOU? It's time for you to get ACTIVATED!


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