Brain Activation

A proven, revolutionary brain health supplement backed by science and nature for those that want a fine-tuned mental machine.


The Key Benefits

Improved Mental Clarity & Focus

Supports Maximum Memory

Supports Reduction of Stress

Increased Libido & Fertility

"I just wanted to let you know that I’m absolutely loving the brain activation! I took a month break from everything to try to reset my body and brain and I’ve taken the brain activation while in the process and holy moly! My husband thought I was still on my other medication bc I’m still able to get through a day without falling apart. I’m able to keep my laundry pile at a steady one basket load a day which is HUGE!!"

Randi P.

"It’s been 1 year of being on Brain Activation!!!I feel like I did 10-15 years ago- no joke. I look forward to the day, I have energy and clarity to set and accomplish daily goals, my mood is more stable, and I’ve got a consistent positivity that had been lacking before. I’m a homeschool mom and very active in our community so I definitely needed all the help I can get!!"

Rebecca Richardson
Homeschool Mom

"I have struggled with impulsivity and focus all my life, after 4 days I’m able to stay on task and think clearer than I have in years!"

Heidi B.

"I've had ADHD for as long as I can remember but wasn't diagnosed until just this year. My husband begged me to do something to help me with my symptoms and I tried many things without results!! When I tried Brain Activation he didn't notice right away until I missed a few days of taking it... Now I make sure it's on my Subscribe n Save every month! Happy Momma! Happy Marriage!"

Sarah C.
Brain Health Coach

"I have been taking them for four days now and I am running out of projects to finish!"

Janell C.

"This is week 1 for me and I have been much more alert during the day, and more importantly, my 2-3 pm slump is non-existent now. "

Verray C.

"I'm on day 6 taking 3 every morning and I love the results! It's like a productivity pill for me. I wake up energized and feel alert all day long until 9PM. Now I'm on day two without coffee and it's been pretty easy so far!"

Ryan H


Here's a helpful PDF that might answer your questions on Brain Activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

All MIG Supplements have a one year shelf life.

Yes. I recommend starting your child on a 1 pill a day at first and then increasing to 2 pills if necessary. If you have any concerns, please contact your healthcare provider.

Yes, but I always recommend consulting your healthcare provider.

Yes. We stay well below the safety levels for interactions with other ingredients or other medications, however we always recommend consulting your health care provider prior to use.

You may feel immediate change in mood or brain function, but results will vary per person and it can take a few weeks to notice any difference. 

There is less caffeine in the green tea in our product than in a square of chocolate.

As we are not medical professionals and these are not medical products we cannot claim that our supplements help with any health conditions. For any health concerns we recommend consulting your doctor.

No, this can be taken with your other supplements, with or without food at any time of the day. We do suggest taking at the start of your day to receive maximum benefits.

Yes, we recommend adding to smoothies or yogurt. 

Our capsules are made from cellulose (plant fiber), which makes them dissolve quickly and is great for digestion.

Yes all of our supplements are gluten free and nut free and manufactured in an allergen free facility.


What would more energy, focus, and presence mean to YOU? It's time for you to get ACTIVATED!

Are you ready to FUNCTION?


MIG's Brain Activation is clinically proven to support your brain's own production of glutathione, an antioxidant that supports the reduction of oxidative stress potentially leading to autoimmunity, and brain dysfunction. When combined with our proprietary herbal/nutritional blend, this supplement is a force to be reckoned with. This premium plant powered Nootropic was formulated to support your brain's ability to do exactly what it was created to do: FUNCTION. Prepare yourself for maximum memory, focus, libido, fertility, energy, support and so much more.

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